First Look at Ultra Street Fighter II 1st Person Mode

A first-person mode for the Street Fighter II remake, Ultra Street Fighter II, on Nintendo Switch has been revealed. At the Ultra Street Fighter II segment held by CapcomTV today this mode was shown off along with other portions of the game. This first person mode is known as Way of the Hado and pits the player as Ryu as he fights a number of M. Bison clones. The controls only consist of moving the Joy-Cons in various directions: an uppercut motion for a shoryuken, a two hand forward thrust for a hadoken, and swaying the Joy-Cons back and forth for a hurricane kick.

In this clip the controls seem to be inaccurate and non-responsive. This first-person mode is entirely separate from the rest of the game and will have two of its own separate modes; a story mode consisting of three levels (Beginner, Standard, and Extra), and an Endless Mode. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers will be releasing sometime this year.