First Teaser Released for Atmospheric Adventure Game Far

We don’t exactly have a shortage of games where exploring vast lands is the goal, nor do we have one of games that take place in the remains of lost civilizations. But it never hurts to have another one that looks like it shows a ton of promise, so enter mixtvision Digital and developer Mr. Whale’s Game Service with Far, which you can see the first teaser of below.

Due out on Steam and Xbox Live in early 2017, Far sees you traversing a seemingly endless dried-up sea under a permanently grey sky in a train-like vehicle, searching for any secrets and loot that the former world may have left behind. While the game is still in its early stages, the striking art style and clever dosage of 2D gameplay make a great first impression. Far will be on display in the Xbox booth at E3 this week, and if we get a chance, we’ll let you know if it truly seems like it has what it takes to stand out.