First Video of Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Shown at TGS 2015

The announcement of a remake of Odin Sphere shouldn’t have come as a surprise, seeing as the poor PS2 was never designed around pushing that kind of 2D detailing.  The slowdown on the original version was one of its unfortunately defining features, and a nice HD remake on hardware that can run it properly makes perfect sense, so a PS4 version is a welcome addition to its growing library.  The first trailer for Odin Sphere HD shows off just how nice the game can look, with detail and a smoothness to the animation that the PS2 version simply couldn’t manage.  The big question remains unanswered as of now, though and that’s if the movement and jumping has been fixed.  As lovely as Odin Sphere was, the disc could have been printed on pure viagra for how stiff the movement felt.  If Odin Sphere plays as good as that trailer looks, though, it will easily be one of the high points of the PS4 library.