Foregone Coming to Steam on March 1, New Demo Available Now

Foregone has been a while on both the Epic Games Store and consoles for a while, and it’s a top-shelf action-platformer that hasn’t hit Steam yet. Fortunately, Steam will hit Steam on March 1, which will be a big day for the game as a whole. All consoles and the PC version will receive a slew of new content. New side missions, bosses, weapons, and a new NPC will be added to the adventure – alongside a revamped price of $19.99 on Steam.

Foregone is very much like Dead Cells, but a bit more narrative-focused and it focuses more on longer-range attacks than short-range like Dead Cells. With fast-paced and fluid action, Foregone is a fantastic pickup for anyone who loves smooth action-platformers. The demo showcases a fair amount of gameplay and allows you to see if you’ll enjoy the full game when it launches on Steam in a little under one month.