Freeze Whatever You’re Doing to Pre-order Overwatch’s Mei Nendoroid

The Overwatch phenomenon continues with even more collaboration between Blizzard and the Good Smile Company. The very adorable Mei Nendoroid is available for pre-order to make your collections even cooler.

You will receive the Endothermic Blaster, her signature weapon, along with a frosty attachment to make it look like she’s in the middle of battle. Her little drone companion can also tag along behind in mid-air. It even has its own themed stand allowing it to show off the Blizzard ability. Mei can be posed in various ways and comes with different body parts for your choice of display.

You can pre-order Mei from April 11 until May 18 with the actual figure becoming available in October. Below are images and a video of Mei for a closer view. Take a look at Tracer who was announced in February while you’re at it.