Frozenbyte Unveil Co-Op Wizardry in Nine Parchments

Frozenbyte, in leading up to their own showings at this year’s Gamescom, have unveiled their latest project: a 3D isometric, co-op “blast’em up” in Nine Parchments. Those famiilar with four-player magic-based action-adventure titles may call similarities with Arrowhead Game Studio & Paradox Interactive’s successful Magicka games and on the surface, there’s a certain degree of familiarity to be felt.

However, Frozenbyte are hoping to stand tall on their own merits with a game boasting “a crazy amount of different spells” set within a roguelike World with randomly generated monsters and unlockable characters/items to acquire. The game is currently in development and is currently planned for release across PS4, Xbox One & PC sometime in 2017. You can catch the announcement trailer released earlier today below.