Funselektor’s art of rally Heading to Xbox, Game Pass This Summer

By far one of last year’s best racing games — with a surprisingly appealing low-poly art-style to compliment — developer Funselektor’s art of rally, is finally making its way to consoles this year. Following on from its hugely positive reception when it originally released on PC via Steam last September, art of rally will be making its way to Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One this summer. A break from the usual norm of typical rally games, both visually and aesthetically so, art of rally markets itself as a more laid back and reflective variant on racing, taking players through a multitude of tracks around the world.

What’s more, art of rally is but one of the new titles to hit Game Pass the same time of its release across the subscription service’s PC, console and mobile versions. Six new stages as well as a new free-roam map will also come as part of the game’s upcoming Kenya Update, which will be made available for free across both Xbox and the game’s Steam version.