Get Acquainted With Total War: WARHAMMER

War looms in the distance. Total War: WARHAMMER is landing at the end of May and the war mongers over at Creative Assembly have released a new video giving a general overview of the upcoming, large-scale strategy game’s features.

As the name implies, Total War: WARHAMMER is about waging a war campaign set in the Warhammer mythos. When playing the game’s Grand Campaign, players need to manage their empire and deal with diplomacy, their military strength and even economy. Player legions are commanded by heroes who can be customized for greater effectiveness and sent on personal quests. But omelettes are never made without breaking some eggs. So when conflict does strike, players engage in spanning battles that cover large fields of engagement, with death and destruction raining around them.

Take a look in the What is Total War: WARHAMMER video below. Total War: WARHAMMER is headed to PC on May 24.

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