Walk Between Worlds With 0°N 0°W Release Date Trailer

The world is remarkably solid everywhere, except for the bits that aren’t.  In a small town in the American west is a single storefront housing a crack in reality that allows an adventurous person to take a walk into new dimensions.  0°N 0°W (Zero North Zero West) lets you go exploring in these unseen lands, poking around and nosing into strange corners like a curious monkey whose species has risen to dominance in a microscopic pinpoint of its universe and is just now discovering how much more there is than had been previously imagined.  It’s a peaceful multidimensional journey that allows you to go anywhere you can see, with new dimensions accessible in random ways through the journey.  While each area is hand-crafted there door that takes you from Neon Color Dimension ✮ to Pastel Color Dimension ❃ in one play-through probably won’t lead there the next time you visit, assuming you can even find the first dimension again.  Take a walk and see what you can find, because it’s a big multiverse out there and there’s no point in settling for just one of them.

0°N 0°W is releasing on March 1 for PC, with VR support being added later on.  If you’re curious to get a peek at a three-year-old prototype then Dream.Sim is waiting at itch.io and available to check out now.

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