Get Started in Robocraft Infinity With New Video

In Robocraft, players have the freedom to create robots for battle. As such, the range of possibilities is a real selling point here. Expanding out of PC, Robocraft Infinity is the Xbox One counterpart in many ways — but not exactly a port. The PC version is free-to-play but the Xbox One’s Robocraft Infinity is a one-time purchase. With tweaks, such as balance and a new progression system, one of the positive aspects of Robocraft Infinity is how easily people can pick it up and build a robot. That said, there are plenty of reason to pay attention to make sure the essentials are in place and that the resulting machine can actually move. At the end of the day, good robots win battles and the point of building one is largely to wreck other machines online.

See the Getting Started trailer below to get a better idea of what goes into the game. Robocraft Infinity is out sometime this year for Xbox One.

Catch a preview of the game for a better idea.