Gravity Rush Anime Adaption Looks Slick as Ever

Anyone looking to get more Gravity Rush in their life won’t have to wait long as Gravity Rush the Animation – Overture looks to capture just what the game is all about.

Even if the trailer is only thirty seconds, this anime adaption seems to present perfectly the look/feel of just what Gravity Rush and its sequel are all about, sicking to the game’s stylized cel shaded visuals, while also presenting the feeling of the gameplay itself.

The Overture will follow familiar faces, both Kat and Raven, ladies with physics based powers that defy… gravity. The story will take place in the timeline between both games, closing out the cliffhanger of an ending in the original Gravity Rush, while also setting up the story for Gravity Rush 2.

For those in Japan, just picking up a first print of Gravity Rush 2 will get them a copy of the animated special on a separate Blu-ray disc. For everyone else, they will be able to view the premiere on TV, Dec. 25 at 1:05 a.m. JST on TV Tokyo.

Gravity Rush 2 will be out in the wild January 20, with the continuing adventures of Kat and Raven. Coming to PlayStation 4.

Check out the short teaser for yourself in the trailer below:

Source: Polygon