Great Cascade Lives With its Decisions on Greenlight

There are story games and sandbox games, but not too many where the story is the sandbox.  Great Cascade is trying to change this by building a big low-poly flat-shaded world filled with people who want things and react based on how accommodating you are.  Every character has a memory that not only responds to your actions but also those of other NPCs, which can lead to a chain reaction of consequences that can see what had appeared to be a fairly simple cause have a catastrophic effect.  The example given in the video below is of coming across a robbery, and the victim offering a reward for the return of what was stolen.  A quick club to the back of the thief’s head takes care of the initial problem, but then a random bystander offers a massive reward if you turn the item over to him instead.  When the victim finds out about this he’s not happy with the player and that means his many, many friends aren’t happy either.  It’s a simple cause/effect, being bad and getting found out leading to an angry mob, but it hints at a richer world not defined by a story but the scenarios you create.  The art style is gorgeous, too.

Great Cascade is currently looking for votes and appreciation on Greenlight.  If you like what you see, head on over to say nice things.