GRID Twitter Hints At New Racing Game Maybe Sort Of

The GRID twitter feed posted a brief video which has the title “Brace Yourself…Racing Is Coming.” Are they teasing the release of a new racing game? The announcement of GRID 3, perhaps? What we do know for sure is that it will not be a mobile game, as Codemaster’s Community Manager said on Twitter that “Tuesday’s Announcement will NOT have the words Android or iOS in them” which should at the very least relax fans of the series worried we would see another mobile abomination of a traditionally platform based game.

Additionally, from the brief video they give us we are able to deduce…well, nothing, really. We see some lines on a black screen with the promise that #racingiscoming (not winter?) at the end of the clip. Feel free to watch the clip below, but you should probably just wait until the 4/22/2014 date they give at the end of the video because you won’t be able to figure out anything before that with what they’ve given us so far. Until then we can only wildly and irresponsibly speculate as to what they might be announcing.

My bet is on a Game of Thrones cart racer.