Grime Demo Returns with New Cinematic Trailer

Rocks do a lot of things but they’re mostly known for the way in which they don’t move at all.  Leave a stone undisturbed and it’s going to be be exactly where you left it today, tomorrow, a hundred years from now.  It might be a bit mossier, sure, and erosion will have taken a toll, but you can pretty well guarantee that stones aren’t going anywhere without a whole lot of external effort.  Except for the ones in Grime, which seem to have been animated by some unknown process that fosters life inside the rocky forms.  The thing about stone, though, is that it’s dense and incredibly tough, so even a being with a black hole for a head is going to have to break out the heaviest-hitting weaponry possible to carve a path through the creatures in its way.

Grime is an adventure-platformer with hefty combat and plenty of secrets hiding in its caverns, and I had a great time with its demo back in June’s Steam Next Fest.  Since then there’s been any number of videos showcasing the game’s weapons plus a release-date trailer for its August 2 launch.  There’s a lot going on in the freaky world of Grime and publisher Akupara Games is doing its level best not to get lost in the noise of a very busy gaming summer.  Check out the new trailer below to see some of the bizarre creatures in a more cinematic light than the side-view adventure they appear in, and then if you didn’t get a chance back in June give the demo a go.  The action feels brutal but the gameplay is nicely accessible once you give Grime a reasonable amount of attention.