GTA V PC Grappling Hook Mod Makes All Other Versions Obsolete

Grand Theft Auto V on PC has been getting a lot of pretty incredible mods lately, but by far the coolest I’ve seen so far has been the one that gives you Rico’s grappling hook from Just Cause 2 — with all the inherent silliness that comes with it.

The highlight reel below from the fine folks at Nexus AU shows off just how similarly the grappling hook functions. They tether cars to the environment to send them flying, people to cars, trucks to trains, and even rip a motorcyclist speeding by off his bike by attaching him to a lamp post leaving him dangling like a tetherball. Probably my favorite part of the whole thing, though, is that the game doesn’t have a proper animation for flying toward something you’ve grappled to, so instead of cooly zipping to a car like Rico from Just Cause 2, Franklin here will just flail his arms like he’s falling.

You can download the mod for yourself, and if you haven’t bought the game for PC yet, be sure to read our review for further motivation — not that you’d need it because clearly it’s the only version of the game that matters anymore.