Gundam Versus Features High Quality Character Trailers

As some may know, the upcoming mecha fighting game Gundam Versus features playable robots from a vast variety of Gundam shows and manga. Essentially featuring a playable crossover battle every round, Gundam Versus stays true to the best moments of its various source material while also ensuring a flashy, level playing field. So, of course there’s inevitable amounts of tribute cast for all the various properties present in the game. Better yet, fans of the various anime and manga these playable machines come from are in for a treat because Gundam Versus also includes vignettes of the different series themselves.

See character trailers for the anime OVAs 08th MS Team, Stardust Memory and Gundam Thunderbolt below, followed by character trailers for Zeta Gundam and its sequel, Gundam ZZ (read “double-Zeta”). Gundam Versus is out for PlayStation 4 on September 29.