H1Z1 Launches Out of Early Access with New Mode ‘Auto Royale’

It’s been a long time coming, but battle royale H1Z1 has today officially launched out of Early Access on Steam. Alongside the full release comes a brand new game mode dubbed “Auto Royale.” Inspired by H1Z1’s fast-paced vehicle play, the new game mode features up to thirty teams of four in a battle to be the last vehicle standing. Teams will speed around the massive map looking for power-ups, weapons, fuel, ammo and health as they try to out-maneuver the competition.

The mode introduces two new vehicles to H1Z1, a sedan an an armored recon vehicle, as well as a variety of features to reign terror on opponents including oil slicks, land mines, vehicle jumps, corrosive smoke and more.

Auto Royale is in beta and will continue to develop with feedback from the community. In addition to this new mode, H1Z1 will also launch with new features including tactical deployment, an airdrop revamp, the first season, a mini map, an in-game shirt for founders and more.

Check out the launch trailer and a video detailing Auto Royale below: