Haven Receives Brand New Couples Update

Since its reveal, the indie game Haven has always followed the couple known as Yu and Kay together on their adventure across a new landscape. While that hasn’t change, what has in the latest update is the decision to choose their gender dynamic upon starting up a game. Players can choose a M/F, F/F or M/M couple depending on what they prefer, which alters the characters visuals slightly in addition to including brand new voice acting to fit alongside whichever choice is made. This is a wonderful addition that was something that didn’t need to be a focus for the team at The Game Bakers, but it’s an absolute delight to see added for those who may have wanted a relationship that looked a little bit closer to what they enjoy most or just want to play again to hear the brand new voice acting and the characters from a brand new angle.

The Couples Update for Haven is available now on all platforms. Check out the adorable teaser trailer to see the changes below: