Heading to a New Planet in Mars First Logistics Announcement Trailer

Earth is awfully comfortable, even taking into account the ever-worsening effects of climate change.  It’s got breathable air, a molten core generating a magnetic field to keep out the worst of the solar radiation, lots of water, and a truly incredible amount of life covering every nook and cranny of its surfaces.  Mars is none of these things and yet it’s still the next logical step away into space, so we’re going to need to figure out how to make due with what the red planet has to offer.  Which isn’t much.  Fortunately if there’s one thing people are good at it’s building things, and in Mars First Logistics you’ll be tasked with creating an endless variety of vehicles to transport resources across the Martian surface.

Mars First Logistics is an open-world adventure where the job is to bring cargo across a hostile desert world that doubles as a physics playground.  A couple of wheels attached to a frame with a robo-clamp sticking out the top is effective, sure, but there’s all sorts of options available when you start attaching rockets to whatever point seems logical at the time.  Think Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts except as a courier on Mars and you start to get the idea.  One of the more ridiculous but effective creations in the trailer is a giant wheel made up of the framework pieces with dozens of tires on either side of the rim at regular intervals, and the rocket on the inside set to provide enough force to make it rotate without actually blasting off.  Admitted, I’m not sure how it would carry any type of cargo, but the point is it worked.

While Mars First Logistics doesn’t have much of a release window beyond some time in 2022 it does have an announcement trailer to show off the creativity in vehicle design, bouncy physics, and lovely fine-line shaders that make the Martian desert far prettier than it might otherwise be.  It’s a whole new planet to discover and so long as whatever you design functions, anything goes.