Hellish Survival Horror Agony Releasing This May

If you’ve been keeping tabs on upcoming titles and projects pertaining to the wide, broad genre that is horror, no doubt you’ll be at least aware of Madmind Studios’ hellish take on the after-life with their own dark, menacing entrant, Agony. Set within the literal underworld itself where beasties and demons alike lurk around every fleshy, gore-infested corridor, as a recently-arrived soul, you must find a way to escape the confines of Madmind’s visual take on Hell itself.

Originally a Kickstarter project beginning in October 2016, Agony made nearly three times the project’s target but found its intended release of Q2 2017 pushed back into this year. One of the campaign’s stretch goals, which was met, will also see the game feature a separate survival mode based around a series of procedurally-generated environments. Maximum Games are confirmed to be publishing the physical retail version of the game alongside announcing that Agony will be available across PS4, Xbox One & PC on May 29. Check out a short teaser trailer for the game below.