Here’s A Peek at Micro Machines World Series’ Gameplay in Action

The first bit of gameplay for Codemasters’ upcoming Micro Machines World Series has been released today and on top of the classic racing and elimination modes as featured in previous iterations, the game will also feature a brand new battle mode that focuses less on tracks and instead brings the arcade-style Micro Machines formula into more arena-based environments. Spanning modes such as Capture the Flag, Territory and even Team Deathmatch, up to 12 players can compete across an assortment of 15 differently themed arenas.

The vehicles players can choose from — customizable through a selection of skins and decals — will also vary based on offensive, defensive and maneuverability properties with the ability to pick up power-up items along the way also included in each of these modes. The latest gameplay trailer, which you can view below, offers a brief glimpse into what the new Battle Mode will look like. Micro Machines World Series will launch on PS4, Xbox One & PC this June.