Hi-Rez Studios Finally Confirms Paladins is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Hi-Rez Studios finally confirmed one of the industries worst-kept secrets, Paladins is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch.

The free-to-play action of hero shooter Paladins has finally been confirmed for Nintendo Switch after numerous leaks suggested it was coming. Developer Hi-Rez studios has been working extensively with Nintendo to get the game running perfectly on Switch. Whether you play docked or handheld, Paladins will run on Switch at a solid 60 frames-per-second.

Even better, when Switch players first hop into the game, they’ll have a large player base to enjoy the game with. Hi-Rez confirmed that the game will feature crossplay multiplayer between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions. PS4 players, however, are out of luck due to Sony’s stance on crossplay.

Paladins will first launch on Nintendo Switch with the Founder’s Pack, which will set you back $29.99. The pack grants access to all 36 Champions, all future Champions, and Founder exclusive cosmetic items. A free-to-play version is scheduled to launch later this summer.