Hidden Agenda Goes in Depth with Developer Diary

As part of Sony’s PlayLink for PlayStation 4, Supper Massive Games is bringing their new title Hidden Agenda to the lineup which looks like an excellent title for couch co-op gaming with friends or anyone.

Hidden Agenda will follow beat cop Becky Marney as she makes her way up to Detective in what looks to be a thrilling tale. Supper Massive is known for horror title Until Dawn and Hidden Agenda looks to be following suit with its style of storytelling.

In Hidden Agenda up to six players can either play with or against each other using their phones to see Hidden Agendas story through. Each person’s vote towards a decision count’s with multiple branching paths for every choice, players will be receiving Hidden Agenda’s during their play through’s that will earn them points towards the end goal.

Go more in depth with the Developer Diary below in crime thriller Hidden Agenda available October 24 for PS4: