Hiker Games Details Free Mobile Game Offerings

Mobile developer Hiker Games are dropping two new free games into the market with Eraser and Gleam. Hiker Games seems pretty serious about keeping these games for free, but players who want to support are welcome to donate. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, fans of Pixar’s WALL-E may enjoy Gleam as it follows the last living organism – a plant. The player takes the role of a drone tasked with searching for, and preserving, what life remains on Earth. By slicing different gems, the player can direct sunlight onto the last plant, but must do so with as few moves as possible. Preserving the plant means preserving the hope that Earth may be hospitable once again. Essentially a varying puzzle game, Gleam has over forty levels and five different environments.

Meanwhile, Eraser is a physics puzzle platformer. A designer finds himself trapped in his own creation where a red marker chases him. He must navigate his own designs with some physics-driven puzzle-platforming while on the run. On the bright side, he’s got a titular eraser he can use to erase things in his way. Eraser will feature over seventy levels across six chapters.

Catch the trailers for Gleam and Eraser below, respectfully. While Gleam is already available on iOS and Android, Eraser is due out August 8 for the same devices.