Check Out 14 Minutes of Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

Guerrilla Games and PlayStation Studios today dropped 14 minutes of gameplay footage for Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the best new IPs to come out of PlayStation during the PS4 era, and fans have been anticipating a sequel ever since. Horizon Forbidden West made its debut a year ago at Sony’s massive PS5 reveal. Today, we finally got our first look at gameplay via a new State of Play.

Horizon Forbidden West takes place six months after Zero Dawn. Aloy has traveled west to investigate a mysterious blight that is ravaging the lands. In the footage, Aloy is in San Francisco looking for an important artifact. Unfortunately, her ally, Erend, gets captured by the Tenakth tribe. The mission follows her as she braves the ruins of the once great city to find Erend.

The footage showcased beautiful visuals, familiar gameplay mechanics, and some new tools. The new Shieldwing allows Aloy to float down from great heights, and Diving Mask allows her to explore the underwater depths. In combat, Aloy can make use of Bows with special ammo types, slingshots that lob adhesive grenades, and many other weapons. The demo ended with a boss fight against a Tremortusk, a hulking machine elephant, and a tease of the mysterious blight.

Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled for release on PS5 and PS4. No word yet on a release date, but the game remains scheduled for a 2021 release.