Horizon Zero Dawn is Ready for Launch

Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment are ready to launch their highly-anticipated game, Horzion Zero Dawn.

After leaks and a few delays, Horizon Zero Dawn is ready to launch. To celebrate, Sony have released a launch trailer, highlighting many of the sights and enemies players will encounter in the game. It’s a very dramatic trailer, and doesn’t offer a look at the gameplay, but it does set the tone of the world.

In Horizon, you play as Aloy, a young outcast of the Nora tribe. After an incident, Aloy sets out into the wilds where she encounters vicious humans and dangerous machines. We recently published our review of the game, finding it to be a fantastic game and Guerrilla Games’ best work yet. With an impeccable presentation, a well-written story, a superb protagonist, and dynamic gameplay, we found Horizon to be a must-own for any PS4 owner.

Horizon Zero Dawn is out February 28 exclusively on PS4.