Hotshot Racing Gets Free DLC As Sales Pass Half a Million

Developers Sumo Digital and Lucky Mountain Games’ joint venture into the former world of blocky, colorful racing via Hotshot Racing, has today received its first piece of free DLC. The Big Boss Bundle — available across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC — brings a new Grand Prix to the mix and with it four new tracks. Alongside this, there’s also a new multiplayer mode dubbed Barrel Barrage that grants players the ability to launch explosive barrels from out the rear of their vehicle — players then required to stay alive by avoiding one another’s barrels, let alone win the race.

Today’s release comes at the same time it’s been announced that Hotshot Racing has already done well for itself on the commercial front — passing half a million downloads in total across all platforms, since its release last August. No doubt the game’s nostalgic harkening to racers of the mid-to-late 90’s has rubbed off on a fair few people. Be sure to check out our review of the game back when it originally released.

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