How to Build an Insane Weapon in Stack Gun Heroes Trailer

“Overpowered” gets a bad rap.  A significant number of games are massive power fantasies wrapped up in the illusion of balance, so why not own it?  Stack Gun Heroes is a forthcoming game about creating your own ridiculously-powerful gun from parts, stacking abilities together until you’ve got something completely overwhelming.  The game powers up the enemies infinitely too, though, so eventually you’re bound to meet your robotic doom.  Using your randomly-generated superpower can forestall that, with the game pulling from a pool of thousands of potential skills such as teleporting back to a marker you’ve left behind, tieing enemies together, or my favorite one mentioned in the video below, call bullets from the sun.  In addition to this trailer there’s another pure-gameplay one released at the same time, so give that a look as well to see the wall-running and -climbing abilities in action.