Huge Splatoon Update Available Today

Nintendo has announced that a slew of new content will be added to Splatoon today. Along with new winter gear and bandanas, Splatoon will also receive a pair of new stages for players to ink up. The first, Museum d’Alfansino, contains all sorts of ink artifacts and paintings, and the second, Mahi-Mahi Resort, features shifting water levels, which means turf wars will remain frantic up until the last second. Mahi-Mahi Resort and the new gear will be available today at 5 PM PST, while Museum d’Alfonsino will arrive tomorrow at 6 PM PST.

New stages, gear and adjustments will continue to arrive “at least until January”, according to Nintendo.

Nintendo also announced its own Splatournament, which will pit teams of Treehouse members against each other in a tournament this December. The matches will be streamed on Twitch.