Hyperstacks Brings VR Puzzle-Action to Steam This Year

Despite having been around for several years now, VR is still very much in its early years. Many genres still have yet to be explored in VR, leaving a lot of room for developers to try new things. It seems that’s exactly what Squirrel Bytes is aiming to do with their new game: Hyperstacks. In this title, players are thrown into Portal-style test chambers and must figure out how to both fight and think their way out. Indeed it sounds like the studio is trying to pack a lot into each level, so perhaps its best to see it in action first before proceeding further.

According to¬† Squirrel Bytes, Hyperstacks features wall climbing, melee and ranged combat, boss fights and a full range of movement within their VR spaces. The game also features a fully-featured level editor, which the developer hopes will allow the game’s community to run wild and create all sorts of interesting content. The basis for this certainly appears to be there, but there’s no way to for certain until after Hyper Stacks sees its official launch.