‘I Love Pasta’ is a Thing Apparently

When I think about the state of the gaming industry, the one thought that continually pops into my mind is, “Where in the world is the damn pasta?!”

I Love Pasta, the adorable sequel to I Love Coffee (fear not everyone, the storyline will most definitely be continued), is now available on iOS and Android devices (through the App Store and Google Play, respectively). If you’ve always wanted to own an Italian restaurant but couldn’t be bothered to learn to make ravioli from scratch, you’re in luck.

According to Jason Byun, the Global Business & Service Team Leader for PATI Games, “We absolutely adore Italian food. Our love for it is only surpassed by our love of coffee! It was only a matter of time before we indulged in our passion for Italian cooking. I Love Pasta was lovingly created for everyone who enjoys cooking, restaurant simulations . . . or both!” That’s right, don’t bother making Italian food if you love Italian Food, make a smartphone game instead!

In case you were curious what I Love Pasta looks like in action, here’s the official launch trailer (yes, it does include pasta):

…mamma mia.


One thought on “‘I Love Pasta’ is a Thing Apparently

  1. I’m Italian and I love this game… D:
    It’s so accurate and you can do 8373929 different things,costumize your characters,play different mini games,you never get tired of that app! * ^ *
    …I’m a weirdo? D:

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