Retro Wizarding JRPG Ikenfell Hits Kickstarter

Well, after the runaway success of Undertale last year, it should be no surprise that the gaming public would be on the hunt for the next old-school indie JRPG with a quirky sense of humor and colorful style. And now it looks like we may have found it in Ikenfell, a game by veteran developer Chevy Ray Johnston, which just hit Kickstarter recently. Within just a few days, the game’s campaign has already hit its $25,000 funding goal, hopefully suggesting another hit RPG on our hands.

Taking inspiration from the Paper Mario games and the Harry Potter franchise, Ikenfell is the story of Maritte, the sister of one of the most (in)famous students in the titular school for witches and wizards, Safina. But when Safina turns up missing, it’s up to the notably mortal Maritte to search Ikenfell, uncover its mysteries, and find out what happened to her sister. Boasting an original turn-based battle system, a deep story and huge cast, and music by avi & surasshu (the composers behind the music for the hit cartoon Steven Universe), the journey towards solving that mystery looks to be quite impressive indeed.

You can check out the trailer for Ikenfell below, and you can find more info on its Kickstarter page. All funding above their goal will go towards improving various aspects of the game such as more music, animations, artwork, and possibly even more platforms (with only PC and Mac releases scheduled for now), so feel free to donate if you’re interested. If all goes well, Ikenfell should be released in the Summer of 2018, but it looks like the wait will easily be worth it.