Indie Megabooth’s PAX West 2017 Lineup Announced

Well, it’s that time again. PAX West 2017 draws closer and closer, and as such, it’s time to reveal just which games will be showcased at one of the event’s biggest attractions, the Indie Megabooth. A staple of PAX’s biggest shows, the Indie Megabooth crams dozens of indie games into one spot to help showcase them to the world for your enjoyment, and this year is no exception.

So what do we have for highlights this year? Well, there’s Dead Cells, Hot Lava, Mothergunship, Nine Parchments, Runner 3, UFO 50, and many more other standouts, including a showcase of sixteen tabletop games in the ACT theater which will be open to the general public, and a pop-up kitten cafe sponsored by Exploding Kittens to act as a pet adoption and fundraiser for MEOW Cat Rescue, as mentioned in the video below. You can check out the full roster at the Indie Megabooth site, and of course, you can expect Hardcore Gamer to be covering a significant chunk of these games when the time comes, so stay tuned.