Iron Harvest Shows Video of Progress From New Demo

Revealed back in August, King Art Games’ alternate history RTS game Iron Harvest appeared to contain a lot of potential, given its 1920s setting and the addition of giant mechs. And now we get to see more of the game with a quick clip showcasing some of the progress concerning the game’s tech and controls, and as you can see below, it does indeed still look like one promising strategy title.

Placing an an emphasis on the destruction system where anything can be wrecked (somewhat like Red Faction) and the dynamic cover system that goes hand in hand with it, the video shows the latest developments such as adding squads, pathfinding, and a user interface while also announcing that a PVP multiplayer mode is next on the developers’ list. Iron Harvest is due out for the PC, PS4, and XB1 in the future, and may be one to look out for.

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