IronFall Video Shows Off Slick 60FPS Shooting Action on the 3DS

Can you do a Gears of War-style game on the 3DS?  Or rather, can you do that kind of game and make it look amazing?  V.D.-dev Games not only says the answer is a firm “yes” but also has the game to prove it in IronFall: Invasion.  The new trailer was released today in conjunction with this morning’s Nintendo Direct, and it shows off a third-person shooter filled with guns, sniping, tasers, explosions, and a giant mechanical worm all moving at a brisk pace and with plenty of visual flair.

More than just a pretty face, IronFall: Invasion is going to be a multiplayer shooter with support for up to six players at once either locally or online, coupled with a single-player campaign they estimate to be about six hours long.  The video also says it’s enhanced for New 3DS, although seeing as it doesn’t explain how I can only assume the right c-stick works the third-person camera.  Whether you choose to go New or Old 3DS, though, IronFall is currently looking like a pretty sharp entry into the world of sci-fi space marine third person shooters.