It Seems ‘The Maw’ Isn’t the Only Threat Lurking in The Medium

In previous trailers for The Medium, fans learned about The Maw, a malicious spirit on the hunt for main character Marianne. Since it’s a spirit, the Maw cannot really affect normal people who only inhabit the physical world. Unfortunately, Marianne’s nature as a medium, someone simultaneously inhabiting both the physical and spiritual worlds, makes her a prime target for the evil entity. It turns out that this seemingly unstoppable evil isn’t the only threat Marianne will have to deal with though.

Bloober Team has yet to reveal the name of this newly revealed character, saying only that they’ll be both ruthless and brutal as they pursue their vengeance-driven goals. They may not be the same kind of overt enemy that The Maw is, but they’re definitely a threat and absolutely should not be trusted.

The Medium launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S on January 28.

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