Itagaki Tries to Sell You on Devil’s Third in 10 Minutes

Famed game designer Tomonobu Itagaki would like just ten minutes of your day to sell you on his latest game, Devil’s Third.

Itagaki, best known for the Dead or Alive series and for his popular modern revival of Ninja Gaiden, has been working on Devil’s Third for a long time. It’s best described as a third-person shooter with a heavy focus on melee combat, a concept that Itagaki calls “backwards compatible.” You can do most of the standard stuff you’d do in a shooter in 2015, he explains, but it’s not just another shooter, either.

He also goes over the game’s setting, a world where all satellites, computers and electronics have been destroyed, forcing warfare to once again move to close-combat, and talks about the unique aspects of the multiplayer component. Clan leaders can negotiate with each other, you can infiltrate other clans as a spy and report back, and more.

Devil’s Third has been out for a little while in the rest of the world (hence why this video was recorded back in May) but the game launches in North America on December 11 for Wii U.

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