It’s Coming Down in Life is Feudal

In the latest update to medieval sandbox simulator game Life is Feudal: Your Own comes dynamic, gameplay-altering weather effects. This indie sandbox game of up to 64 players online has a large focus on building structures and crafting – particularly in farming and cooking. Players raise their character up in a medieval life simulation, building, crafting and killing each other in physics-based combat. Next year, developer BitBox hope to get the MMO version of the game, Life is Feudal: MMORPG, ready and underway for it’s early MMO public testing. The MMO release will feature a large, persistent world for more than 10,000 simultaneous players.

Given the incoming snow and seasons in the latest update, farming and raising livestock just got a little more complicated. See the short weather system feature below. Life is Feudal: Your Own is available right now on Steam.