Japan Gets First Pokémon Sun and Moon Trading Cards Next Month

There has not been too much of an update on the upcoming Pokémon-GX cards since the announcement over the summer. However, a short commercial has just debuted for fans in Japan to start getting even more excited for new trading cards. The video features battling Pokémon in CGI animation as real bystanders watch in amazement and cheer on their favorites.

We already know Lunala and Solgaleo, the legendary cover Pokémon for the video games, are two of the cards. They are seen clashing over the city while a Dragonite and Lapras duke it out with one another. A short clip reveals other Pokémon receiving new cards which include Umbreon, Gumshoos and Growlithe. Players and collectors in Japan can start looking for packs to be available on December 9.

So far Pokémon-GX cards will still be hitting North America early next year. Check out the mini-trailer below for yourselves and get those decks ready.