Joyous Road Trips Afoot As Jalopy Leaves Early Access

Back in October 2016, we had the utmost pleasure of getting our hands on the early build to an Eastern Bloc road trip simulator by the name of Jalopy. Needless to say, in a similar vain to the very many Simulator titles that release on an annual basis, developer Minskworks’ micro-management-like game — which saw you travelling from A to B — had a surprising level of charm and novelty that to this day we still can’t figure out.

Whether it’s the fact players need to be prepared for such mundane acts like changing a flat tyre, keeping their car engine working properly or even making sure to secure all windows and doors prior to actually setting off en route, Jalopy was an odd Early Access game to say the least, but intriguing nonetheless. Now the game has finally released after having been in Early Access for nearly two years and is available on Steam right now. Check out the high-octane thrills of the one-and-only Jalopy below.