JRPG Throwback ‘Cosmic Star Heroine’ Gets Official Release Date

The Kickstarted and long in development Cosmic Star Heroine, from developer Zeboyd Games, now has an official release date. Cosmic Star Heroine will be releasing on both PC and PlayStation 4 on April 11 with it’s Vita version being released farther down the road.

“We’re super excited to finally be releasing Cosmic Star Heroine and hope everyone enjoys the finished game! This is by far the biggest, most sophisticated game we’ve ever released so we hope it meets the high expectations many of you have for it,” the studio said in a Kickstarter update. “Thanks again to all the people who have supported us in our Kickstarter, through feedback, and through kind words. We’re almost there!”

When discussing why the portable version won’t be available at launch, the studio says, “we felt the Vita version needed some extra time to polish up and we didn’t want to delay the other releases further.”

Cosmic Star Heroine takes place in a sci-fi future with heavy inspiration from classic JRPGs from yesteryear including Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star and the Suikoden series. We will update you with any information about the Vita release of the game when it is available. Below you can check out the E3 trailer for the game from last year.