July Welcomes Tornadus and Thundurus to Pokémon Games

The Legendary Pokémon giveaway is coming into July with a boom. Two Pokémon from the 5th generation are going to be available for your games. Tornadus and Thundurus can be added to the Sun and Moon series of games starting next week.

Tornadus is going to blow you away. In Pokémon Moon you receive one at level 60 with Air Slash, Crunch, Tailwind an Rain Dance. In Ultra Moon it is at level 100 with a held item and can use Hurricane, Heat Wave, Grass Knot and Tailwind. Thundurus is ready to rumble. In Pokémon Sun it uses Discharge, Crunch, Charge and Nasty Plot. But in Ultra Sun it comes with Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Grass Knot and Nasty Plot. Plus, if you use the Reveal Glass item in the game they can change forms and come in handy in different ways.

Starting July 13 and lasting until July 28, visit participating Target stores to receive a code card. Check out the video below to watch Pokémon developers discuss these two legends.