July’s Humble Monthly Bundle Has Satellite Reign, Kentucky Route Zero, More

If you’re a fellow Humble Monthly subscriber, odds are that you’ve been holding off on purchasing anything in the current Steam Summer Picnic Sale until today, when we can unbox the latest Humble Monthly bundle and see what games we get this time around, hopefully knocking one or two titles off of our wishlists and saving a few dollars in the process. After gazing upon this month’s offerings, though, odds are more than likely those wishlists won’t be affected much.

Yes, as suggested as a possibility last time, Humble Monthly’s latest crop is a bit light, possibly because of Steam’s annual behemoth. Not that there aren’t any highlights this month. Last year’s well-received cyberpunk strategy game and Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign stands out immediately, as does the episodic indie point-and-click adventure game Kentucky Route Zero, allowing you to finally get around to playing the acclaimed title just in time for its final two episodes to come out sometime in the next two years. Zachtronics’ open-ended programming game TIS-100 is also the only game this month to reach an “Overwhelmingly Positive” level of Steam reviews, so that definitely makes it a highlight.

After that, alas, things sort of deflate a little. As revealed last month, we have the Early Access multiplayer survival FPS game Hurtworld, along with sci-fi co-op survival game The Red Solstice and the fantasy RPG Avernum 2: Crystal Souls. Not that these are bad games mind you, far from it, they all definitely seem like very good games in general. It’s just that compared to the likes of previous games included in Humble Monthly such as Rocket League, Titan Souls, Nuclear Throne, Dropsy, and others, nothing particularly stands out as colorful or unique this go around. Thankfully, that’s where this month’s Humble Monthly Debut, Cthulhu Realms, hopefully comes in. After all, the adaptation of a cartoony Lovecraftian card game about knocking out your opponent’s sanity seems like the type of game to spice things up. Not to mention this batch’s Humble Original, Capoka, where you play as a bird flying around a totalitarian city. Mind you, this could all just be personal opinion, and for others reading this, it can easily come off as a stellar month.

Still, July’s package does feel like it ranks as the weakest of Humble Monthly’s cornucopias so far. Even the reveal of one of next month’s games that new subscribers and those who pay early can begin playing feels a bit iffy: It’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III, but only the Multiplayer Starter Pack, not the full game. Will the rest be included in August’s edition as well, or will subscribers just get the multiplayer-only version? We’ll find out next time, along with the more than likely reveal of five or so other games that odds are you just purchased in the Steam Sale this weekend.