Just in Time to Miss Halloween Entirely, Digital Tribe Reveals a New Trailer for Dementium II HD

On the Nintendo DS, the Dementium series was notable for pushing the portable hardware to its graphical limits and providing as spooky and immersive an experience as one could reasonably expect from a screen half the size of a playing card. Not content with being the proverbial big fish, however, Dementium II has given its scales a shiny HD polish, and is presently swimming into the vast ocean of First-Person Horror games currently competing for your time and money on steam. What differentiates Dementium II from the rest of the “crawl through dimly lit medical and industrial environments while scary things chase you” genre is that you actually get to shoot at the prettied-up ugly things. If you’d told me a few years ago that I’d be writing that sentence, I’d have called you crazy, but there you go.

As this new trailer demonstrates, Dementium II’s design has as much in common with Doom 3 as it does with the likes of Amnesia and Outlast. The video shows off a number of gruesome creatures (including the deliciously named Goregamesh) that players will be able to fend off with sledgehammers, dynamite, and that classic tool of teenage vandalism: the improvised flamethrower.

Dementium II will launch December 17 on steam for 14.99, but you can preorder now for a 35% discount.