Katana Zero’s New Trailer Provides a Full Confession

The last time we checked in on Askiisoft’s 2D neo-noir action game Katana Zero, we were focusing on the game’s similarities to Hotline Miami in how it delivered fast-paced and twitch-based retro action. Snap back to now, and the game has a brand new trailer that also features a ton of insane action, in addition to dropping a few scenes suggesting a few key players in our deadly protagonist’s tale. Also, it looks like the game may have a mine cart level in it somehow, which will no doubt a true joy that we will all need to see more of.

The new trailer, seen below and appropriately titled “Full Confession,” sees our lead assassin heading into a church to reveal everything they’ve done so far, thus leading into a montage of quick, precise slashes and chunky marinara sauce being sprayed all over neon-soaked backdrops. There is also a possible drawback in the form of a notable amount of screenshake, which the video actually advises can be adjusted in the game. It’s an effect that’s not exactly for everyone, but nonetheless, Katana Zero is still shaping up to be a terrific action game, so stay tuned for any further developments and updates on it.