Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut Coming Later This Year

Back in 2016, developers Clifftop Games teamed up with Raw Fury in order to bring us Kathy Rain, an old-school point-and-click adventure game set in 1995 about a young journalism major searching for answers about what happened to their late grandfather. It was certainly well-received, with ourselves saying that “Kathy Rain is a great adventure game with a story that easily gets you hooked” and that we wouldn’t mind seeing more of the newfound detective later on. Well, three and a half years later, we may not be getting a sequel yet, but Kathy has indeed returned with Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut, an expanded version of the award-winning adventure.

While the initial teaser trailer below doesn’t show off anything much, we do have some details about what to expect in this new version of the game. The Director’s Cut will feature enhanced graphics and enlarged game environments that fill up the screen, controller support and improved controls in general, a remixed soundtrack, different motorcycle paint jobs to select, and most importantly, an extended story with new dialogue, new major puzzles, new areas to explore, a prolonged ending to flesh things out more, and even death sequences, presumably for an even more old-school adventure experience. Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut arrives this Autumn for the PC, and should provide a perfect excuse to visit the small town of Conwell Springs again.