Killer7 is Coming to PC

Killer7, one of Grasshopper Manufacture’s most divisive but fan-favorite releases, will be making its way to PC more than thirteen years since it debuted on PS2 and Gamecube. The stylish, cel-shaded, on-rails shooter — a collaboration between Suda51, Shinji Mikami and Hiroyuki Kobayashi — follows the tale of the titular band of elite assassins. Seven different personalities and alter-ego’s to main protagonist Harman Smith whom must try and put a stop to the mysterious Kun Lan and his band of deadly, unsettling, humanoid monstrosities referred to as the “Heaven Smile”.

Though reviews on the game’s original release were mixed — with just as many critical on the game’s loose-ended plot, on-rails gameplay and overall aesthetic, as there were those who praised such aspects — Killer7 quickly gained a cult following and has quickly become one of Grasshopper’s most beloved and popular titles. One that many fans have hoped for some manner of a revival or even follow-up. NIS America have confirmed to be the ones porting the game to the platform with Killer7 planned for release on PC this Fall. Check out the game’s PC announcement trailer below.

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