Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer and Season Pass

Killzone Shadow Fall is one of the few PlayStation 4 killer apps at launch, but it’s not just the intriguing storyline that makes this a great shooter. Sony has released a new trailer showing off some of the intense gameplay footage from the multiplayer modes that will be attached to this next-generation game. This appears to be a better looking and better playing Killzone game, but not necessarily the next step in the shooter genre.

Additionally, there will be a $20 season pass that will include a cooperative mode with three maps and two additional multiplayer expansions. If you buy it right when it become available, you will also receive a combat drone skin and an exclusive Spotlight move. We still need to get our hands on the finished product, but just from promotional footage alone, it doesn’t look like Guerrilla Games is changing up the formula too much in the competitive multiplayer field. Regardless, Killzone Shadow Fall will be out at launch on the PlayStation 4 (November 15) and should provide fans with the first step into the next generation.