Knockout City’s Second Season Takes a Trip to the Movies

During yesterday’s EA Play showcase, Velan Studios appeared on-screen to thank players for getting their multiplayer dodgeball game off to a strong start after it launched two months ago, when it reached five million players in its first two weeks.

Afterwards, the developer provided fans with their first look at the second season of Knockout City, which is called “Fight at the Movies” and adds a variety of new movie-themed gear and cosmetics. As shown off in the trailer below, Season Two will also add a new arena that will shift mid-match to reflect different movie genres, and a Soda Ball that briefly blinds a hit player. Finally, players can expect a new season of League Play, playlists and weekly Crew Contracts throughout the season, which kicks off on all platforms on July 27.

For more on Knockout City, which is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, and is free to all players until they reach Street Rank 25, be sure to check out our review.