Kommo-o Receives Exclusive Z-Move in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Earlier we found out a bunch of new things for the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon titles. One of which was the announcement of brand new Z-Moves. Now we know that a particular Pokémon is receiving its own exclusive attack.

Kommo-o is the Dragon/Fighting-type Pokémon which is usually found late in the game. It has numerous scales covering its body and was one of the Totem Pokémon in Sun and Moon. Now, take its power to new levels with the Clangorous Soulblaze Z-Move. The video shows Kommo-o acting out a haka dance mid-battle. Jingling of its scales can be heard before unleashing a massive blast to its opponents. It must be a Dragon-type attack since it was super effect on both Garchomp and Salamence. Then, it raises all of Kommo-o’s stats by a stage.

There are sure to be plenty more Pokémon receiving their own moves and more for general use. Check out the footage below to see Clangorous Soulblaze in action.